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CN-1962073-A: 利用磁力从炼铁产生的烟灰中回收磁铁矿的方法 patent, CN-1962736-A: Plasticizer containing esterified cyclohexane polycarboxylic acid and its production method patent, CN-1963027-A: 路面开挖机 patent, CN-1963421-A: 高温超导磁悬浮动态性能测试装置及使用该装置的测试方法 patent, CN-1963497-A: Micro fluid phase chromatograph method on micro analysis chip and apparatus of the same patent, CN-1964963-A: Hydroxamates, their manufacture and use as pharmaceutical agents patent, CN-1966046-A: Medicament for treating hyperplasia of mammary gland and preparation process thereof patent, CN-1966921-A: 具有气密效果的横拉式平面窗的锁固装置 patent, CN-1967677-A: 光学拾波器 patent, CN-1967708-A: Memory interface to bridge memory buses patent, CN-1968577-A: 使用浆料凸块的印刷电路板及其制造方法 patent, CN-1969536-A: 接收机级上的显示视听序列的方法及显示序列的接收机 patent, CN-1970420-A: Protection device for over-speed ascending for elevator patent, CN-1970645-A: 精密多线切割和研磨用切磨粉体材料 patent, CN-1971936-A: An organic light-emitting display device electrode substrate patent, CN-1972256-A: 差分信号传输装置及方法和相关的输入和输出驱动电路 patent, CN-1972676-A: 用于个体化应答式给药方案的营养药的组合物和系统 patent, CN-1973393-A: 燃料电池系统和燃料电池启动方法 patent, CN-1973540-A: Electronic device and method for block-based image processing patent, CN-1974189-A: 加热的轮胎成型芯组件和方法 patent, CN-1975618-A: Intelligent work piece correcting system and correcting method thereof patent, CN-1975878-A: Information recording apparatus and information recording method patent, CN-1976165-A: Double-electric source automatic change-over switch controller patent, CN-1976550-A: Multifunction electromagnetic heating spraying liquid and sprying container patent, CN-1976864-A: Travelator patent, CN-1977305-A: Apparatus for regualting height of music rack patent, CN-1977380-A: 屏蔽的电子器件及其制造工艺 patent, CN-1977561-A: Method and arrangement for determining at least one suggestion for changing location for a user of a mobile terminal patent, CN-1977588-A: 地膜覆盖机自动切膜装置 patent, US-2503130-A: Educational device patent, CN-1977610-A: Special-effective mosquito-repellent paste with bacteria-killing-inhibiting function patent, CN-1978527-A: 保健仿玛瑙手镯的配方及制作方法 patent, CN-1978676-A: Crawler belt bushing and its manufacturing process patent, CN-1978947-A: 流体传动 patent, CN-1979588-A: Plant simulator patent, CN-1980209-A: Random-cycle time-delay diversity orthogonal frequency division multiplexing transmission method patent, CN-1981098-A: A ventilation device and frame system patent, CN-1981264-A: 计算装置中的命令交互映射 patent, CN-1981655-A: Three-into-one foaming swimsuit patent, CN-1982319-A: N-(膦酰甲基)甘氨酸烷基锍盐的制备方法 patent, CN-1982371-A: 树脂组合物、树脂固化物和排液头 patent, CN-1983091-A: 离线编程装置 patent, CN-1983447-A: 用于加工基于悬臂的mems/cmos存储器储存装置的方法 patent, CN-1984203-A: 对丢失的语音业务数据帧进行补偿的方法 patent, CN-1984530-A: 介质层叠衬底 patent, CN-1985006-A: Methods for amplification of nucleotide sequences using promoter templates patent, CN-1985022-A: 带有预电离的脉冲式磁控管溅射沉积 patent, CN-1985281-A: Merchandise sale registration processing system and merchandise data registration device patent, CN-1985340-A: Active carbon for electric double layer capacitor, active carbon electrode for electric double layer capacitor, and electric double layer capacitor therewith patent, CN-1985360-A: Electrode material, solar cell and process for producing solar cell patent, CN-1986022-A: Game playing card patent, CN-1986139-A: Welding method and laser sealing method for battery patent, CN-1986620-A: Pneumatic tire having a rubber component containing n,n'-(m-phenylene) bismaleamic acid or n,n'-(m-phenylene) bismaleimide patent, CN-1987127-A: Valve construction kit for the production of valve clusters patent, CN-1987131-A: Spring connection method and its spring connection structure for door-window and structure holes patent, CN-1989595-A: 氮化镓基半导体层叠结构、其制造方法以及采用该层叠结构的化合物半导体和发光器件 patent, CN-1989737-A: 用于为混合的无线网络管理介质访问的方法 patent, CN-1990147-A: 具有用于锯片的固定装置的往复运动锯 patent, CN-1990389-A: Water purifier patent, CN-1990401-A: 空心玻璃微珠的制备方法 patent, CN-1990586-A: Composite modified asphalt capable of improving workability patent, CN-1991669-A: Extensible circuit module and computer mainboard using the same patent, CN-1992075-A: Address converter semiconductor device and semiconductor memory device having the same patent, CN-1992226-A: Method for fabricating an integrated circuit on a semiconductor substrate patent, CN-1992466-A: 无需采样即可实现电池预充电的充电控制方法及其系统 patent, CN-1992656-A: Accessing and networking method for wireless digital communication patent, CN-1993565-A: 用于自动变速器的活塞 patent, CN-1993710-A: 改进使用切割平面检测球状和椭圆状对象的分水岭分割 patent, CN-1993889-A: 组合逻辑电路 patent, CN-1995325-A: 一种高效壳聚糖降解菌芽孢杆菌及其产生的壳聚糖酶 patent, CN-1995390-A: Method for quick and specificly amplifying differential expression gene long fragment patent, CN-1995486-A: Method for producing silicon single crystal patent, CN-1995679-A: Composite assembled corner hardware and production method thereof patent, CN-1996173-A: PLC control circuit in combustible gas alarm control system patent, CN-1997573-A: 容器 patent, CN-1998005-A: 通过接触进行生物测量捕获的光学设备及使用该设备的系统 patent, CN-85101742-A: Process of manufacturing peanut milk patent, CN-85102228-A: Method to solidify limeclay products by hot water patent, CN-85103982-A: Control apparatus of the elevator speed patent, CN-85104921-A: Heat-pesistant thin film photoelectric converter patent, CN-85105273-A: Rare earth-cr-mn-si-mo-ni-b-abrasion resistant cast steel and process of its production patent, CN-85105361-A: 自动填充装置和袋口打开装置 patent, CN-85105572-A: Solid isotope marks for identifying failed reactor components patent, CN-85105696-A: 预胀离子交换薄膜 patent, CN-85107374-A: 生产吸水性树脂的一种方法 patent, CN-85107826-A: 离心式离合器 patent, CN-85108951-A: New method for synthesis of 4-nitrophenyl-beta-methoxyethyl ether patent, CN-85109498-A: Automatic monitoring and testing device for carrier equipment group patent, CN-86100049-A: 动力传递支架 patent, CN-86100364-A: Graphic balancer patent, CN-86100610-A: 电视制式转换装置 patent, CN-86101159-A: T-card repeater patent, CN-86101206-A: 半导体存贮器 patent, CN-86101369-A: 斑锡合金及其应用和生产方法 patent, CN-86101494-A: Automatic linear compression circuit patent, CN-86102031-A: Guide thimble captured locking tube in a reconstitutable fuel assembly patent, CN-86102635-A: Asphalt materials and their use patent, CN-86104036-A: 气流摩擦纺纱方法及其设备 patent, CN-86104121-A: 西瓜微量元素营养液的配方及工艺 patent, CN-86105533-A: 磁阻读出传感器 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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